In collaboration with Mary Frances Hurt and with support from the Mississippi John Hurt Foundation, Draft, a creative production company, is currently producing a documentary on the life of a legend, Mississippi John Hurt. This documentary, HURT - A Mississippi Inspiration, is long overdue! Film release dates, teasers, and more will roll out as the film progresses, and we invite you to check back here for updates.

Please enjoy this teaser, produced by Draft, for the documentary film, HURT - A Mississippi Inspiration. The teaser is narrated by Mary Frances Hurt, the granddaughter of Mississippi John Hurt. Let her voice transport you as she begins to share the true story of her grandfather, and the crackling strains of an old 78 playing on a vintage phonograph create the perfect atmosphere. Mary's sincerity and truth will be the hallmarks of this documentary, setting it apart from all other stories told about Mississippi John Hurt. This will be the story you haven't heard, the story you need to hear.

This amazing group of people came together in Woodstock to continue the filming of the upcoming documentary, HURT - A Mississippi Inspiration. Their interviews were fascinating, their stories and memories were special, and their music captured the spirit of Mississippi John Hurt. Also present but not pictured was Rory Block. With the people represented in this group, you can be sure that the film will be interesting! (ltr: Valerie Turner, Happy Traum, Guy Davis, John Sebastian, Alan Lighty, Mary Frances Hurt, Benedict Turner)

In this photo, Mary Frances Hurt is surrounded by members of the Draft film crew who traveled to Avalon to begin filming HURT - A Mississippi Inspiration, a documentary about the life and times of her grandfather, the legendary musician, Mississippi John Hurt. Mary is pictured here in front of a vintage pickup truck that sits on Foundation property in Avalon - the same property where the Mississippi John Hurt museum is located. John Hurt's life has been discussed and documented many times, but this "don't miss" story will be told for the first time from the perspective of a family member.

If you've never been to Avalon, Mississippi, let this film clip introduce you to the region. The documentary film, HURT - A Mississippi Inspiration, produced by the Draft film crew in collaboration with the Mississippi John Hurt Foundation, will be more in depth - this is just a teaser. Enjoy!